my prince painting 30th anniversary #purplerain

more like epic science boner -> Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.: via @YouTube


saw some wrastlin’ on the drive today, such hilariously bad acting but the kids were eating it up! too fun #carfreeday #wrestling

some pics from @hotartwetcity revenge of the art show reception last night. prince and sting by me. will find out artist’s name who did spinal tap paper dolls, love them! #1984films #purplerain #dune #spinaltap

overseen: on the skytrain. this is a solid public service announcement.

all the qr codes work at the #couplandvan exhibit this one says “peace”

might be able to afford this hood but it all looks the same #couplandvan #VAG #lego

sweaty crazy eyed dude before he gets some hair

#wokeuphumming “The Greatest American Hero” TV Intro: gonna blame @DebraDiGiovanni for this one #slumbercore


one of my paintings for Revenge of the Art Show: Art Inspired by movies from 1984 @hotartwetcity is starting to take shape #prince #purplerain